New York. A small, old club in Manhattan. On an old piano sits a young woman with her eyes framed by a black eyelid. To sing there, where once soul greats like Donny Hathaway or Marvin Gaye brought the club to the boil, Miu scraped together her savings after her training in advertising and flew alone into the Big Apple. The club "The Bitter End" is her personal start.

Back in her hometown of Hamburg, it became increasingly clear to her that she wanted to dedicate her life to music from now on. Bit by bit she forms her own band, writes groovy arrangements, trains her distinctive soulful voice and sends out her first PR CDs.

One of these CDs ends up at Herzog Records. Rüdiger Herzog, who has already built up the soul singer Jeff Cascaro, immediately picks up the listener and makes contact. The cooperation is a done deal. From now on, things are happening: festival enquiries, big articles in the first newspapers and radio stations that are already asking about the album.

Miu has this extra portion of soul in her, which makes her unquestionably a vertical starter in 2015 with her debut album "Watercoloured Borderlines". Is it pop? Or jazz? Or something completely different? Never mind - Miu is about music. Pure music that doesn't know genre boundaries because Miu doesn't need them. In November 2016, a special highlight: Miu is the first amplified musician to play two concerts in the Great Hall of the Elbphilharmonie with a band, brass section and background singers.                           

With "Leaf" Miu releases her second album in summer 2017 and goes on an extended tour afterwards. The new album is as wonderfully varied as the band's appearances, unlike the triangle of soul, pop and jazz, where every song is different, and not every song wears the same sound, but remains the singer's voice.


VIDEO: Miu - at Elbphilharmonie Hamburg