Web Web

Web Web are: Roberto Di Gioia (Piano, Synth, Percussion), Tony Lakatos (Tenor- and Sopranosaxophone), Christian von Kaphengst (Upright Bass) and Peter Gall (Drums).

The German jazz supergroup Web Web has been playing together intensively for 2 years now, they have played dozens of concerts and you can literally feel the unity, intensity and power that brews into a fantastic sound as a homogeneous organism from a single mould. "Dance Of The Demons" is a furious dance with the demons - sometimes in a positive spirit soul jazz intoxication like in "Land Of The Arum Flower", which reminds with its touching melody of ethopian jazz of the 60s, or sometimes crazy, unleashed like in "Sandia".

As a special stroke of luck the band could win the famous Moroccan singer and Gembri player Majid Bekkas for the album, who is based in Rabat. Tony Lakatos worked together with Majid and Joachim Kühn again and again in the last years, as did Roberto DiGioia in connection with Klaus Doldinger. In this respect it was obvious to combine this brilliant musician with his North African roots with the unpolished concept of Web Web.

Like their first album "Oracle", "Dance Of The Demons" was recorded live in Munich on just one weekend. The next Web Web album will be recorded in Munich in winter 2018, and one or two top-class guests will be invited.

Press comments on "Oracle":

"[...]the album is engaging and fascinating in equal measures. […] Sonically, the album embraces the various late 1960s and '70s jazz aesthetics of modal, fusion and spiritual jazz soundscapes, but 'Oracle' isn't a Strata East or Black Jazz tribute record. This is very much a contemporary affair with its richness emanating from the group's varied musical tastes and sensibilities and it favours an entire listening experience." ukvibe.org

"Raise a glass and toast this supremely enjoyable recording." birdistheworm.com

"Oracle contains 13 tracks of pure retro sounding perfection. This is like a long forgotten treasure. It's certainly an album serious lovers of the genre will embrace." reviewgraveyard.com

"Wonderful album!" Simon Harrison / Basic Soul

"This is amazing. Going to have to grab a vinyl copy for the collection" Kev Beadle

"Fantastic record! Love it! We need more music like this!" Peter Kruder