Good music belongs on good stages! Simple as that. And that is what our booking team is working on, for an array of diverse artists. We still believe in the irreplaceable power and magic of live performances - even, or perhaps even more so, in times of constant and at times overwhelming media output. Be it in a select club or on the big festival stage. We value our long standing and trusting relationships with venues and organizers in the provinces and the urban centres. Not at least we consider this a contribution to the cultural diversity in our country. Through our reliable and well informed work we are always thriving to make a concert evening a special experience for all involved – after all it is something we enjoy doing. If you are interested in cooperation, don´t hesitate to contact us.

We are representing the following artists, under contract with Herzog Records:

Nighthawks                                                      Jeff Cascaro

Jessica Gall                                                     The Pasadena Roof Orchestra

Les Brünettes                                                   Miu

Trio Macchiato                                                 Lily Dahab

The OhOhOhs                                                  Rafael Cortés


As well as artists from other labels:

Web Web                                                          Lucy Woodward 

Cosmo Klein Marvin Gaye Project                 Nitai Hershkovits

Gast Waltzing and LARGO


On our web page you can find informations on all these artists. Contact us:

Rüdiger Herzog /phone +49 (0)40 55616445 /mail:

Claudia Dettmer/phone +49 (0)40 55616444 /mail: