Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

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- Picture Perfect

"Life" says Jessica Gall, "is loud enough already". The second part of the movement her counterpart has to think about it, which is no big deal, though. "My music has to be there" he would have said for sure, "that's not the case, too." It isn't either. But intense, haunting, hardly ever to be forgotten again, that's it already, and more than ever. With Picture Perfect, the Berlin girl has now recorded an album that is a great singer/songwriter pop album.

"Diversity appeals to me and that influences what I listen to in my private life, artists ranging from Lady Gaga to Joni Mitchell, Tom Waits and Ella Fitzgerald."
Her album now boasts of just this. Probably also because it was created in exactly the environment that Jessica Gall wanted. Together with Robert Matt and co-authors Robin Meloy Goldsby, Shannon Callahan and David Anania, Jessica Gall has found a place between the memories of jazz and the finally exciting Olympus of singer/songwriters. From now on everything seems possible.