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Bringing our musicians to the stage is Herzog Booking's greatest passion. We take great pleasure in arranging concerts in Germany, but also abroad. Whether at festivals or small clubs, open airs or city fairs. We are open to everything, as long as we find a professional stage and a curious audience. Our artists deliver what we promise: a great concert evening!


Es ist wieder soweit: Die Nighthawks bereisen die Bühnen der Republik, u.a. auch wieder die heimische Fabrik in Altona. Im Gepäck haben sie kräftige Melodien, groovige Rhodes Sounds und satte Bässe. Ein Nighthawks Konzert bleibt ein kreativer Ausflug, der vor allem das Publikum als Mitreisende … Read more

Erneut konnte Lisa Bassenge efolgreich ihr neues Programm "Wildflowers" auf die Bühne bringen. Beim kleinen aber feinen Festival "Jazz im Kloster Jerichow" wurde sie dabei von einem Team von ARTE begleitet und sprach darüber, was die ausgewählten Songs für sie bedeuten und dass den Texten … Read more


Lisa Bassenge really gives us a bouquet of flowers. Wildflowers is the name of the new album: what a terrific mix of songs! This trio impresses with its third album in terms of interpretation. Pop songs but also folk songs are presented here with great joy of playing. But the music always remains a … Read more

Wildflowers is the name of Lisa Bassenge's upcoming album, which will be released on 30 June. And once again the Berlin singer has relied on the Swedish pianist Jacob Karlzon and the Danish bassist Andreas Lang as accompanists. On 2 June, the single of the Bob Dylan classic Don't think twice, it's … Read more

On 28.th of April the new album Going Home by Arne Jansen & Stephan Braun will be released. It's amazing how these two string masters have immersed themselves in the work of rock/pop artist Mark Knopfler. Their intimate interpretation of the world-famous songs of the Dire Straits guitarist is … Read more

I just came back from the Deutsches Theater Berlin. We shot the new video for the upcoming release of the Arne Jansen & Stephan Braun album Going Home there. A quiet tribute to Mark Knopfler/ Dire Straits. An overwhelming mood, how these two string masters interpret the work of a great … Read more

We are happy because Lisa Bassenge's new album was recorded in Berlin in mid-December last year. What a great album, named after the Dolly Parton song Wildflowers. At her side the two strong musicians Andreas Lang (b) and Jacob Karlzon (piano). And because you are so mentally immersed in all the … Read more

After successfully launching their collaboration as a duo with their Joni Mitchell tribute JONI, Robert Summerfield and Lars Duppler have been exclusively requested by Apple Music for a home session. Apple describes its format as a special challenge for the artists, in which new interpretations of … Read more


The single cover already says a lot: a nocturnal, warm ambience. Beach bar or boulevard? The colours are a little unnatural - and yet you think you can sense the groove of the night. The song was released in 1971 by the Jackson Five, who were signed to Motown. A few years later, Gloria Gaynor … Read more

22. Dec 2022

Christmas & more

The year is coming to an end. Hasty shopping is going on in front of our office again, people are in the Christmas rush almost everywhere... And despite all our motivation to take big musical steps again in the new year, it seems most important to us that the war in Europe comes to an end. Music in … Read more

25. Oct 2022

Nighthawks Live

We have made it. Our new booking website is live. A site that invites you to browse and discover. In addition to the artists we are booking, you will also find some information about our label Herzog Records, which we started in 2006. If this is not quite enough for you, you can also have a look at … Read more

Dear media partners! As you can see, we are still working on the website. The subpage for Herzog Promotion is currently being revised, so you won't find any details on the page yet - but this will change shortly. If you need or want to know anything about the current band Bernd Konrad & Ilja … Read more

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We've done it. Our booking website is online. A place for you to browse and discover. Alongside the artists we represent in concert booking, you will also find some information about our label Herzog Records, with which we started in 2006. If this is not enough for you, you can also have a look at Herzog Promotion, since we also offer our services in this field. Just get in touch with us.