M.W. Lion

Michael Pahlich alias M.W. Lion hält vor einem Synthesizer Schlagzeug Sticks in einem Quadrat vor sein Gesicht (schwarz-weiß) © Lea Bethke
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Hamburg-based drum virtuoso Michael Pahlich aka M.W. Lion combines spoken word, hip hop, R&B, soul and jazz in a casual mix that promises nothing less than the healing of the planet.

First there were the beats: 77 in number. Six dozen songs, that was the basic framework Michael "White Lion" Pahlich aka M.W. Lion had at his disposal after he had built himself a fixed instrument setup. The main ingredients for his debut album: drums, vibraphone, Rhodes piano and a Hohner bass synthesizer. It was 2017 and Pahlich was trying his hand at the studio of Hamburg house music entertainer Carsten "Erobique" Meyer. Five years later, "Major Healing" has finally matured. The remarkable work of an artist who is almost something of a legend himself - although one who is little known outside of music circles.
Pahlich spent long periods in Ethiopia and Morocco, toured with roots reggae veteran Jamaica Papa Curvin, the New York dub collective Easy Star Allstars and the German rapper D-Flame. For decades he has been a permanent member of the
trio of Hamburg guitarist Massoud Godemann. "Diving into other worlds has always appealed to me," says the drummer.
The question remains: what does "Major Healing" mean? "In the title, of course, there are the many major chords," says Pahlich, "and the major healing that our society needs. Creativity is the artist's way of tapping into the collective consciousness," says Pahlich. A consciousness filled with offbeats, soul and lots of bass.